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Media Type : BookLevel : IntermediateMusical Genre : JazzNumber of pages : 96 Enormous demands are placed on the control and manual dexterity of the contemporary drum set player, particularly in the Jazz idiom. Today's drummer is expected to have developed limb coordination to a degree that would have been thought unachievable a few short years ago. This text presents an effective method of dealing with the mastery of drum set coordination by breaking it down into four sections: 1) Ride Cymbal - Right hand; 2) Snare Drum - Left foot; 3) Bass Drum - Right foot; 4) High hat - Left foot. The author clearly states his goals in writing this book: It is my sincere wish that the materials presented in [this] text will be of considerable help in developing musical approach to the coordination skills demanded of today's drummer. -John Pickering

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